The Most Notable Value of the Baobab Tree [Kukah]

  • The Most Notable Value of the Baobab Tree [Kukah]

The Baobab Tree have some Notable Values. It is usually a big tree Mostly found in the Northern part of Nigeria and Also popularly Known as “Kukah” among the northerners.
Every part of the three has a Notable values, here we are not looking at the Nutritional value of the Baobab Tree, but the Notable value of the Baobab Tree, we will look at the parts of the Baobab Tree and it’s or their important or Notable value and also the uses of this part.
1.  The leaves – the Baobab Tree leaves are used to make soup. It’s a popular soup among the northerners locally called Kukah.
It can be used for soup while it is still fresh or when it is dried and grounded.
2.  The Pods – the Pods are used to make fire after removing the seed.
The Pods fire can be used to warm the body or use for the traditional method of cooking.
3. The Edible Part – The Baobab Tree seeds are covered with some whitish substance which is Edible. This part can be sucked out from the seed or can be used to make make juice. It has a sweet-and-sour taste.
4. The stem – The stem of the Baobab tree is mainly used for firewood in the rural places and sometimes for medicinal purposes.
5. The Baobab Tree seeds can also be used to make a local seasoning which is popularly known among the Ngas people of Northern Nigeria as “Kurguk”
6. The Bark – The Bark can be fetched, cook with only water and be used for steaming the body.
It is believe to be a cure for strong fevers.
This are some of the values of the Baobab Tree apart from its Nutritional value.
The Baobab Tree we can say from this article that is one of the most important tree on the planet because it has both Economic, Nutritional and Best Notable Values of the Baobab Tree that can help in the society.

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