[Talk About] Understanding Women or Understanding A Woman?

[Talk About] Understanding Women or Understanding A Woman?

It’s obvious this days that you hear men complaining about the difficulty in understanding women. Listen to all men out their you don’t need to understand women you only need to Understand a woman. And if as a man you don’t understand your woman then you are on your way to massive failure.
Individuality cannot be taken away from human beings wether men or women, human beings are so unique in their diverse ways. For you to understand someone, you need to get close enough to that person. I don’t know how many people that a single person will want to get close to.
My advice to the men making noise  all over the place making a huge mystery is for them to focus on understanding a woman rather than trying to understand women.
Take every woman as an individual, get close enough to study her and I bet you, you will not be part of people saying that women cannot be understood.

It is easy for a man to understand a woman but it is difficult to understand women. The reason is simple, every woman is made as an individual.
When you want to understand a woman for who she is, you find that very easy but when you want to understand a woman base on the knowledge of the women you have come across in life, then you fail.
Aside the social, Religious, tribal etc their is the individual factor.
Their maybe similar behavior exhibited among women of certain tribes, religion, social groups etc, but certainly not enough to try to want to understand women based on that and forgetting the fact that every woman is unique in her own way.
We need to look at women as all different in terms of their likes and dislikes, temperaments, abilities, tolerance, level, mood, etc. When we do that is will be very easy for everyone to understand a woman no matter the relationship be it as a wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, neighbor or a colleague.

Please Seek to Understand a woman and not Women

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  1. True… One step at a time. He that is not faithful with little much won’t be given to him

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