Must Read: Simple Tips to Reduce Gossip Among people Around You

Simple Tips to Reduce Gossip Among people Around You

Some people especially adult are Fun of saying things the don’t know about others and this is tag as gossip, however in this article we are going to see some ways we can reduce gossip or the secret to Reduce gossip about you even though we no know we can never eradicate gossip or stop people from talking about you, however we can reduce the rate at which they gossip about you.
There are certain things about you that only a person close to you can know and tell others, most times the people that we call friends are the people that sell us to the world, and most times they don’t tell the world about our good side or our strength as individuals but gossip to other people about our bad sides and weaknesses.
This are some ways or tips we can reduce the rate of gossip
1. Know the type of people you live with.
2. After knowing the type of people you live with Identify their speaking manners “are they talkative or not” try and understand because the rate at which that person’s speak if he always tells you the secret of that his friend outside be sure that he also takes you secret to other people outside.
3. Always know the type of gist or what you always tell people. After understanding your friend talking ability. Know the type of gist you will do with him to avoid gossip or to avoid your secrecy being expose.

After considering this point you should know that their are people who are not our friends but we keep them close to us, so close that other people think they are friends with us. We should be careful with such people some are good while others are just dey opposite. The just assume and talk out there assumption about you outside gossiping lies to people, many don’t question them because the take the both of you as friends so the also assume the person has known alot about you, so also remember that keeping random people around you also give room for gossip, so know what you say, people you keep and the gist you always have with such people.

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