Viral videos show men engaging in sexual activities inside metro trains, including Delhi Metro

Viral videos show men engaging in sexual activities inside metro trains, including Delhi Metro

In one video, a man can be seen performing oral sex on another man inside an unidentified metro, while in the other video a man can be seen masturbating in front of other people inside a Delhi Metro

Two obscene videos have gone viral on social media wherein men engage in sexual activities in a public place, claimed to be inside Delhi metro. The videos were shared on Twitter on April 27 (Thursday) by Atul Krishan, the assistant editor of Indo-Asian News Service or IANS.

In the first clip of 0.04 seconds shared by Atul, a man can be seen squatting on his haunches and performing oral sex on another man in what looks like a metro train. The two can be seen near the door of a train. However, it can’t be determined if it was the Delhi Metro or somewhere else. From the changing light behind the glass of the door, it can be assumed that the train was moving.

In the second 0.15-second clip, a man sitting on a seat inside a metro train can be seen masturbating while watching something on his phone. A couple who is seen seated next to this man gets up and goes away but he continues indulging in the reprehensible act unperturbed. Another commuter sitting in front of the man apparently shot the video on his phone.

When OpIndia spoke to journalist Atul Krishan, who highlighted the matter on social media, he said that though he cannot confirm the location of the first video, however, he did confirm that the second clip was shot inside the Delhi Metro.

The second video is certainly from Delhi metro as Hindi text on green signage can be seen above the seat, which probably says that the seat is reserved for old or physically challenged people. Moreover, when the camera pans towards the right for a moment, the words ‘Delhi Cantt’ can be seen on the digital screen inside the metro coach, which means that the next station of the train is the Delhi Cantonment metro station. Therefore, it is a metro train on the Pink line of the Delhi metro.

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