Teanna Trump Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked on Twitter

Teanna Trump Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked on Twitter
Teanna Trump Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked on Twitter
Teanna Trump Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked on Twitter
Teanna Trump Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked on Twitter

Teanna Trump Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked on Twitter

Adin Ross asked Teanna Trump if she would take part in sexual activities along with Ross and his girlfriend, who is popularly known online as Pamibaby. The Instagram live had over 100k viewers. The conversation continued with Pamibaby joining the E-Date and giving her opinion on said sexual activity.

The social media star, who has amassed over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, is based out of Columbus, Indiana. The adult actress was rumored to be thrown out of her family once her parents found out about her career in the adult industry. Since then, Teanna Trump has not had any contact with her parents.

Adin Ross’ Instagram live session with Teanna Trump is also available on his YouTube channel.

Adult film star Teanna Trump claims she had sex with an unidentified player for the Indiana Pacers when she was just 16, including encounters that were recorded.

Trump, 23, made the shocking admission Thursday to the No jumper podcast leaving host Adam Grandmaison shocked and setting off a social media frenzy to identify the hoopster.

So the person that, like, got me, got me, got me into porn was a Pacers player,” Trump told Grandmaison, who is more commonly known as Adam 22. “I was 16 years old — he hit me up on Instagram. We had pictures, we had videos of me 16 and having sex with this man.”

Trump then momentarily stopped herself before waving her hand and saying the unnamed basketball player didn’t have to worry about any potential legal issues.

“Sixteen is the age of consent though, so he’s good,” Trump continued, citing the age of consent in Indiana, although it’s unclear if that’s where the alleged encounters took place.

The player then contacted Trump a few years later, when she clued him in to her real age at the time, she said.

“I told him a couple years ago, I was like, ‘How old do you think I am?’” Trump continued. “And he, like, said some dumb s–t, like 26. I was like, ‘No, and when I met you I was 16.’” Because, like, he would videotape me.”

Trump, for her part, did not identify the NBA player in question, citing her no-snitching policy. But she did acknowledge that she’s been considering naming a “famous athlete” she allowed to log into her social media accounts under the guise of “helping out” her business — only to find that he used that access to catfish unwitting men.

I’ve been thinking about it,” Trump said when asked if she’s considering outing the latter athlete, who she later confirmed was also in the NBA.

She continued: “No, he went on there messaging men hey, messaging men acting like me but he was like, ‘I got a new number, hit me up, I got a new iPhone 10.’ And he would message them, ask them for videos.”

Trump further claimed that the unnamed NBA star posed as her while trying to get other men to send videos of them masturbating or having sex with women.

“Swear to God,” Trump said.

Seemingly unaware of the bombshell she had just dropped, Trump said she didn’t expect the player to be identified although she did have some choice words for him in closing.

“But no one would ever know because I don’t follow anybody,” Trump said. “I’m not even kidding and f–k you, you know who you are. I’m so pissed off about that s–t right now.”

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