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Who Benefits From The New Champions League Resume Date?

Who Benefits From The New Champions League Resume Date?





Just a few weeks ago, the chances of this season’s Champions League competition being played to a close were very slim.

However, thanks to improvements around Europe and the willingness of clubs to change the schedule, we now have a plan in place that will see the competition continue.

When Will the Champions League Resume?

August is the date for your diary, with all games set to be played in Lisbon, Portugal. The last-16 round that was interrupted back in March will be played first on August 8 & 9, leaving us with eight teams for the quarter finals.

From here we will see seven games played in a total of 11 days. Four quarter finals, two semi-finals and lastly the final. The competition will run from August 12 until August 23 when the final will take place.

What Will Happen Before August?

Domestic leagues around Europe are either back playing or have already cancelled for the season. This is going to give teams very different build-ups, depending on the league they are from.

For example, Manchester City, who won on their Premier League return, could play on until August 1 domestically if they reach the FA Cup final. However, PSG and Lyon from France will go into the competition in August on the back of no competitive football since March. They are likely to be playing pre-season games to prepare for the new Ligue 1 season, which will more than likely also start in August.


The Bundesliga offers something else too, as they are set to finish the season at the end of June. This means teams will have five or six weeks between competitions and will have to decide to either stay in training and try to find friendlies or have a short break and come back.

For fans, the countdown is already on, and there is plenty of domestic football to keep you entertained during the weeks before the Champions League returns. Those looking for something else to do can check out online casino sites that offer many types of casino gaming including sports themed slot games for you to try out.

Who Will Have an Advantage?

Any team that has weeks of competitive football behind them and a small break before the Champions League is at an advantage compared to the rest. This includes those from England, Spain and Italy.

Those in Germany have a tough decision to make, do they keep in training or risk a small break before returning for the Champions League in August. They would love their season to finish a few weeks later, in line with what is happening in other leagues.

Perhaps the most affected will be teams from leagues that have already ended. When PSG and Lyon play their first Champions League game in August, they will have gone nearly five months without a competitive game, which is longer than the standard summer break for every country.

The winner of this season’s Champions League will have to do it a different way, but it certainly won’t be any easier.

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