Watch Full Karyawati PT Cikarang Leaked Viral Video On Twitter & Reddit

Watch Full Karyawati PT Cikarang Leaked Viral Video On Twitter & Reddit

In social media, TikTok and Twitter are causing outrage with offensive video stories. This time the fun revolves around the office in Cikarang, Indonesia. Allegations have surfaced that the company’s CEO was complicit in inappropriate behavior and employee travel.

Watch Karyawati PT Cikarang Leaked Viral Video On Twitter & Reddit

The scandal started when an employee here received an allegation of threats from his employer. The boss is reported to have told his staff to deal with “goodwill” as a condition of the contract renewal. As news of the incident emerged, discussions about Cikarang’s company began on TikTok and Twitter. 

The video asks the question in the center of attention, as its content is linked to the latest scandal involving the company in Cikarang. According to the type of account on TikTok and Twitter, the viral video is 13 minutes. The video is said to depict a fragile situation between an employee and his boss. However, it is very important that these claims currently have no basis in real evidence.

On TikTok, an 11-minute video shared shows a suggestive situation. The @tanteacacomel account shared this video a few days ago, showing a veiled girl making out with a bed. 

Since its upload, the video has received over 6.1 million views as of Friday, May 14, 2023. However, the identities attached to the @tanteacacomel post are still unclear as to who is wearing the mask.

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