USA Lady Relocate To Ukraine To Strip For Ukrainian Soldiers

USA Lady Relocate To Ukraine To Strip For Ukrainian Soldiers

USA Lady Relocate To Ukraine To Strip For Ukrainian Soldiers

USA Lady Relocate To Ukraine To Strip For Ukrainian Soldiers… An American model moved to Ukraine to become an “emotional support stripper” for troops fighting against Russia.


Fan-Pei Koung, 33, is a beauty pageant competitor and erotic star from Houston, Texas.

She says her OnlyFans account doesn’t require any subscription fee for Ukrainian fighters and she describes herself as a “globe-trotting girlfriend”.

She says her online content ranges from “free emotional breastfeeding to soldiers and volunteers” to collecting donations to help the war effort against Russia.

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She also claims to have been in sexual relationships with Ukrainian soldiers.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Koung said: “I’m the sexy girl in Ukraine who wants to volunteer, and will probably put out.”

The report says Koung first visited Ukraine in November 2022 to volunteer in women’s shelters and orphanages in Lviv, a city in the west of the country.

She left after a month and had plans to move to Mexico to live with another racy influencer. She said: “But as soon as I left, I desperately wanted to come back to Ukraine. I was losing my mind trying to get back.”

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So in February 2023, she returned, this time moving to Kyiv much closer to the fighting.
Koung has amassed over 50,000 Instagram followers since she started dancing for Ukrainian soldiers and has been posting consistently about the war for some time.

In some photos, she is seen posing in skimpy outfits alongside weapons.

She said Ukrainian men treat her much better than men in America.

She says at the moment she is dating a Ukrainian drone operator, a power plant worker, and two information technology workers.

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Koung even recalled sitting with a British volunteer fighter for six hours, talking while stroking his hair.

She claimed: “He said: ‘I feel precious like a kitten. I haven’t been touched in two years.’

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