Photos of Marília Mendonça’s Body Leak During Necropsy (See Photos)

Leaked Autopsy Photos of Marília Mendonça

Photos of Marília Mendonça’s Body Leak During Necropsy (See Photos)

Photos of Marília Mendonça’s Body Leak During Necropsy – The lack of respect and humanity really took over the web. Internet users who had access to leaked photos of Marília Mendonça’s body during her necropsy at the IML went so far as to offer the images in exchange for a pix.

Photos of Marília Mendonça’s Body Leak During Necropsy

“If you want to see it, send a pix, because I’m not going to share these horrible images for free”, said one.

Fans and followers of the late singer, who died in the tragic air crash in 2021, commented on the absurd fact.

“I’m freaked out that there are people here on Twitter taking advantage of the death of others, asking for a pix to send photos of Marília Mendonça to the IML. People like that are already rotten inside and don’t even know it!

“Bro, what the hell are these publicizing Marília Mendonça’s IML photos? There are still people disclosing and wanting to receive money on top of that (asking for pix in exchange for the images)”.


The Civil Police of Minas Gerais opened an administrative procedure to investigate the leak of autopsy photos of Marília Mendonça, who died on November 5, 2021, in a plane crash in Caratinga.

The images began to circulate on social networks on the night of Thursday, April 13, and the police said, in a note, that it is possible to identify who had access to the images and leaked the files on the internet.

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“The PCMG clarifies that it is not consistent with these events and ensures that the action is being investigated for clarification and accountability of those involved”, says the statement.

The family’s lawyer, Robson Cunha, highlighted that the fact is “irresponsible, inhumane and criminal”.


Ruth Moreira, mother of Marília Mendonça, used social networks to talk about the leak of photos of her daughter’s necropsy, at the IML.

In the recording, the singer’s mother pointed out that her grandson Léo, 3 years old, Marília’s son with singer Murilo Huff, already understands the facts and that she waited for a moment when the child was not around to be able to pronounce.

“Although the episode happened yesterday [Thursday, April 13], I did not comment because of Leozinho. She already understands everything I say and also understands when something happens”, said Ruth. she added. “The family is shocked by such monstrosity. But that doesn’t surprise me either,” she said.

Dona Ruth continued, remembering that the crime had already happened, days after her daughter’s death. “The world doesn’t surprise me anymore… These monsters who did this don’t surprise me, because they had already done it again [about a month after the plane crash, at the end of 2021]. What is missing is law. Justice is missing.”

“Here cannot be land without law. Social networks cannot be land without law. We need these criminals to pay. There is no other word: they are delinquents who do not respect the memory of the person who is gone and also do not respect the family, “continued the singer’s mother, stating that she will seek a resolution for the case in court.

“I want to leave a message for the people who did this: you will remember me at a certain point in your life. I don’t wish for the pain I went through, no. But, at a certain point in your life, you will remember what you did… And you will remember me”, said Ruth, who also thanked other people for their support, in this very delicate moment and reinforced the request that no one share the images. .

“Don’t share this. That’s a crime. Do not give an audience to criminals, because you will be committing a crime there too. And I’m going to say: don’t compact with it! What we sow, we reap. That’s why I said he [the person who did this] will remember me at some point.”