Original video of Tana Mongeau leaked on Twitter

Original video of Tana Mongeau leaked on Twitter
Original video of Tana Mongeau leaked on Twitter
Original video of Tana Mongeau leaked on Twitter
Original video of Tana Mongeau leaked on Twitter

Original video of Tana Mongeau leaked on Twitter

The quarrel between the two YouTubers doesn’t appear to rest.Prior to the YouTube personality’s bout with Bryce Hall in the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing event, the two sparred on Twitter.


American Internet personality Tana Marie Mongeau born (June 24, 1998) is Tana Marie Mongeau. She is known for uploading content similar to “storytime” videos to her YouTube channel.Tana then made a lot of claims about Austin’s alleged infidelity with Catherine Piaz, his wife. Austin was quick to denounce every one of those claims.It appeared that the two had temporarily put their dispute behind them for a few days. However, the 23-year-old internet star recently slammed the ACE Family patriarch seriously.


Alluding to the continuous Social Gloves chapter 11 debate Tana expressed, “not austin mcbroom claiming the majority of social gloves and afterward everybody being astounded individuals aren’t getting compensated.”The YouTuber was referring to recent reports that the majority of creators and artists who took part in the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing event earlier this month have not yet received payment.In her tweet Tana asserted that the previous NBA player was one of the proprietors of Social Gloves Amusement, the organization which supported the June twelfth Miami occasion.“Not the most desperate human being speaking on s**t she doesn’t know about,” Austin wrote in response to Tana’s tweet. Don’t try to make you feel better about Tanacon by bringing me or the event down. Every fighter, including myself, will be paid, and there will be a lawsuit, and it won’t be handled with social gloves, dumb dumb.


Tana’s tweet was a consequence of virtual entertainment stars Vinnie Programmer, Josh Richards, as well as Fouseytube guaranteed the members of the occasion had not yet been paid.On the BFFs podcast, Vinnie and Josh from the TikTok camp disclosed the same. Immediately after the podcast episode went live, rumors of bankruptcy began to circulate online.The ACE Family star has been mentioned as one of the owners in a number of rumors and reports, but he has never explicitly stated this.In response to the bankruptcy rumors, the company issued a statement on its social media platforms.


It stated that they are attempting to compensate each Battle of the Platforms participant. They were also attempting to do so within a “reasonable timeframe,” according to the statement.In addition, the statement revealed that they had hired “a first-class forensic auditor” and a prominent accounting firm for the purpose.In addition, they stated that it would assist them in the verification process if the participants sent them receipts for the money they owed.Notwithstanding this Austin likewise talked with regards to the organization. “We all know social gloves put on one of the biggest social media events in history as all of you watched,” the former NBA athlete stated.”The real numbers will come out soon,” he added.


Some on Twitter came out in support of Austin, while others maintained that Tana was correct.One user wrote, “Tana, you are so problematic” in response to Tana.”Sit this one would babe because we haven’t forgotten Tanacon,” a second person said.

A third user spoke in support of Tana, while dissing the ACE Family. The tweet said, “If y’all are still buying anything that the Ace Family puts out that’s on y’all. They have never launched anything that didn’t come with a scandal and fake promises. People not getting what they paid for, people getting scammed.

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