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(Opinion): 12 States That Can Resume School Activities On Monday.

(Opinion): 12 States That Can Resume School Activities On 7th September.

School resume 7th September
Nigerian tertiary institutions to resume 7th September

It is no longer something new that the federal government have reopened school for final year students, so that the can go and complete their final year examinations.

The rest of the students are yet to reopen school owing to the fact that the virus is still spreading rapidly in the country.

The federal government decided to close the school just to avoid spreading the virus. Looking at the statistics given to us by the Nigerian center for disease control it states that Nigerian has over 50,000 cases of the virus currently.

Looking at the statistics also it shows that there are some states that have limited number of cases.

(Opinion):12 States that can resume school activities on Monday.

In my own opinion I suggest that these 12 states should resume school on Monday, owing to the fact that they have limited number of cases.

I suggest that the following states should resume school on Monday.

Ebonyi state 15 active cases.

Kebbi state 0 active case.

Sokoto state 0 active case.

Taraba state 19 active case.

Yobe state 2 active cases.

Zamfara state 1 active cases.

Bayelsa state 7 active cases.

Cross River state 24 active cases.

Jigawa state 3 active cases.

Akwa Ibom state 44 active cases.

Kogi state 0 active cases.

Anambra state 4 active cases.

What is your opinion on this?

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