Not an easy run for Mr Eazi: Why he turned down $6m deal

Not an easy run for Mr Eazi: Why he turned down $6m deal


His first step was as a show promoter but it didn’t take long before the ambition crumbled. Then came an attempt at a career in mechanical engineering after obtaining the know-how at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. It also proved to be another dead end


not looked on a career which has seen him produce three mixtapes, one of which cracked the top 5 of Billboard World albums chart.

Following the shortlist and eventual performance at Coachella, a global music and arts festival which showcases some of the world’s most popular talents, Mr Eazi cleared any doubt from critics about his superstardom.


With an album on the way and a reported collaboration with Nicki Minaj in the offing, the singer shed light on his decision to stay independent since going fully into music in an interview by Billboard which was monitored by R.

He disclosed that there were mind-blowing offers – one of which was in the millions – which made him think twice about going solo. However, the thrill of the risk kept him going on his independent adventure. Perhaps not many of his colleagues would be able to resist such a seven-digit deal, given the competitive nature of the industry and the pressure to succeed.


“I remember my first deal in 2016 was 400,000 pounds [$522,068, adjusted for inflation] for three albums. It’s becoming more evident that the numbers are rising. I was about to sign a huge label imprint deal in 2018 for about $6 million but didn’t.”

“But at every point along the way, I’ve asked myself: Do I stay independent, or do I sign to a bigger label with a bigger team? The risk is thrilling to me. And now for the first time, I can see an ecosystem building that’s also giving a chance for other artists,” the artiste divulged.



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