Luis ‘Chino’ Sandoval Leaked Video With Cheerleader (Watch Full Video)

Luis 'Chino' Sandoval Leaked Video With Cheerleader

Luis ‘Chino’ Sandoval Leaked Video With Cheerleader (Watch Full Video)

Luis ‘Chino’ Sandoval Leaked Video With Cheerleader On Twitter & Reddit (Watch Full Video).

‘Chino’ Luis Sandoval is the subject of much debate. A leaked intimate video of the young soccer player with a woman who is not his wife caused him to become a sensation on social media this Wednesday. The youngster had recently been fired by Junior de Barranquilla.

The video’s recording date is unknown, but Sandoval appeared to be sharing privacy with a young woman who online commenters said might be a junior cheerleader. Despite this, the outrage quickly died down.

Luis 'Chino' Sandoval Leaked Video With Cheerleader 

Luis ‘Chino’ Sandoval Leaked Video With Cheerleader

A Junior supporter in Barranquilla brought attention to Sandoval’s wife Camila’s response soon after the tape was leaked.

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Intimate video of ‘Kino’ Sandoval’s wife’s reaction: “Soon you will see the sun shine”

Camila Sandoval, Sandoval’s wife, was horrified to discover a video of her on social media after the footage went popular on several platforms.

The young wife may be heard in the album singing “Si la ves” with Venezuelan singer Franco de Vita and bandleader Sin Bandera in the background.Bandera has been disbanded.

In the video, a voice can be heard saying, “Tell him that I’m fine, that I’ve never been better.”

Then the young woman, who is married to Sandoval and has a son, shared a letter:

“Everything in life serves a reason, and everything will become evident at some point. There will be no confusion. So that’s why God allowed this to happen in my life, you’ll be able to say.You will soon realize that the sun is just as lovely as your child’s face.



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