Lizzo Was ”Very Nerdy” Growing Up Because She Was Terrified Of ”Eternal Damnation”

Lizzo Was ”Very Nerdy” Growing Up Because She Was Terrified Of ”Eternal Damnation”


The ‘Good as Hell’ hitmaker – whose grandparents founded the Pentecostal Christian church the Church of God in Christ – had a ”very evangelical” upbringing with lots of strict rules in place.

She said: ”I had a very evangelical upbringing based on evangelical beliefs.

”We couldn’t wear pants to church because they were the devil. Listening to rap, pop and R&B and even going to the movies was forbidden, they were all the devil. So I only listened to gospel music.

”I was very nerdy in Detroit. I was so scared of eternal damnation.

In her spare time, the 32-year-old star would read the bible.

She admitted: ”I read it all, from front to back. I wasn’t crazy, just dedicated. That’s how I was raised.”

Even now, Lizzo prays backstage with her team ahead of each show and finds her faith helps her to cope with the ”savage” side of the music industry.

She said: ”This is a savage industry. You have to cultivate your spirituality.”

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer’s father bought her first flute and she was grateful he was always supportive of her.

She added to Marie Claire Australia: ”Playing the flute was everything to me. I wanted to be in the Boston Pops Orchestra, study in Paris and play in London. I had it all planned out.

”My dad encouraged me so much. He genuinely believed in me, he wanted me to be a successful flautist and to play the national anthem at a baseball game.”

However, after her dad died when she was studying at university after securing a scholarship thanks to her musicianship, Lizzo dropped out.

She reflected: ”It wasn’t an easy decision, it was awful.

”I wasn’t the best or the most brilliant. I wasn’t a bright hopeful star like I was in high school so I got out of there ASAP. I didn’t feel special and today I see that this is very selfish.”

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