Kendrick Lamar Talks “i” & Its Connection To Police Injustice Protests

Kendrick Lamar Talks “i” & Its Connection To Police Injustice Protests


Kendrick Lamar’s latest song “i” is more than a feel-good record with a catchy chorus.

It promotes self love and touches on social issues, as well. Although the Compton-bred rapper hasn’t been overly active in conversations surrounding the recent police brutality cases, Kendrick is frustrated by the incidents.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Kendrick spoke on the unrest that has occurred across the country –mainly due to the non-indictment of officers in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York.

“It’s definitely frustrating 100 percent,” he said. “It’s something that’s been around since the beginning of time. I remember me coming up in the city of  Compton and having these same type of ordeals, not as dramatic but in the same situation.”

“i” he says, is a track that is bigger than just a good tune. It’s about real life.

“When I make a record like ‘i,’ it’s not just about me,” he says. “It’s not about a single. It’s not about how many songs can be sold on a media base. It’s about what actually going on in real life actual-factual. When you strip down the jewelry and you strip down the chains, what are you talking about?”

During the interview, Kendrick also recalls the important lessons — about being a black man and dealing with cops — his father taught him when he was young.

“He knew the moment that I was born the color of my skin was going to be put to the test and that’s just how it is,” Kendrick said. “We have legacy and people who died for it, but at the same time its still that type of negativity out there…He told me everyday, ‘Carry yourself with some type of integrity and don’t let them see you sweat.’ So, I have to put that same type of influence on my little brother, on the little homies that’s in the neighborhood.”

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