Jay-Z and Meek Mill send 100,000 surgical masks to jails

Jay-Z and Meek Mill send 100,000 surgical masks to jails

Jay-Z and Meek Mill announced they were forming a criminal justice reform organization last year.

Now, to protect staff and inmates from the coronavirus pandemic, the organization sent nearly 100,000 surgical masks to prisons and jails across the United States on Friday.

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Contagious diseases can wreak havoc quickly on correctional facilities because prisoners live in such crowded quarters, and are unable to practice social distancing.

‘It’s a very vulnerable population,’ REFORM Alliance’s chief advocacy officer Jessica Jackson explained to CBS News. ‘We’re really worried about the number of people coming in and out of the facility, and the fact that the people living there might be sitting ducks during this pandemic

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The group’s website hosts two petitions, which note that hardly any states have plans to address this crisis, which could become a ‘serious threat’ to all.

On social media, the organization revealed 40,0000 masks would go to Tennessee, 50,000 to Rikers Island and 5,000 to Parchman.

Additionally, 2,500 were sent to Rikers Island’s medical facility.

‘Thanks to leadership from our friend @shakasenghor, we were able to rush 50,000 masks into Rikers Island (where there are nearly 500 confirmed cases of #COVID19 among incarcerated people and staff,’ the advocates captioned an Instagram of multiple boxes ready to be shipped.

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