JADAVPUR VIDEO Went Viral & Trending On Social Media!

JADAVPUR VIDEO Went Viral & Trending On Social Media!

JADAVPUR VIDEO Went Viral & Trending On Social Media!

In this article, we will let you in stops that include information about the video, the video content, and the male professor. Let’s dive into the article! Now a day’s social media is a platform where people misuse their liberty by posting videos and posts that would either ruin the public’s mental health or create controversies among people.

Jadavpur Viral Video

Lately, a video went viral with a student misbehaving with her teacher earned strong opposition from the public. People claimed that the staff had violated the ethics of being a teacher. A carbon copy of the incident had been xeroxed in Jadavpur. What is all about the video, what did the professor confess about virgin girls, and finally what was the public reaction to this, all these will be discussed further. Let’s keep our eyes on the screen!

Jadavpur Full Video

This video which got viral on the internet recently dragged a majority of Kolkata residents to search for the leaked video. Other than them, search for this video constantly owns a hike concerning its search graph. This video content is the hottest topic in its zone lately.

What Is In Jadavpur Video?

People who are interested in knowing about controversies can expect a great feast upcoming as this video is also one among them which is about to stick in a great controversy. Already public is questioning the adulteration in the teaching industry. Followed by that, this incident of a professor posting content explaining about virgin girls has disturbed the peace of society.

Who Is Kanak Sarkar?

The holiness of the job is now just a big question mark. The professor is Kanak Sarkar, who is working at Jadavpur University. This University is in Kolkata, which is famous for colleges and universities. This is a home for many immigrants who make an entry there for educational purposes.

This man, being a professor in a region like this ruined the holiness and violated the ethics of his job by comparing virgin girls to sealed bottles. This video is the trending one on Twitter and Reddit. Later, this video created its impact on Facebook too. Now, the students in the university have demanded immediate action against the professor.

Though this video is widely being searched on various social media platforms, it initially went viral on Twitter and Reddit, with its actual content posted on Facebook. The video is available both in 480 and 720p versions of video quality. The file size is 5 MB.

The holiness of the relation a teacher and a student share is something the society practices with due respect throughout history, let us give our best to follow that vintage habits and ethics to give life to that holiness practiced in society.

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