grelmos foto virale, Twitter, Google, Reddit 

Grelmos and the Ryanair flight attendant driving TikTok crazy: “Who wouldn’t fall in love?”. That’s who it is

grelmos foto virale, Twitter, Google, Reddit

Here’s what is known about the most loved steward on social media: a singer and influencer takes him back and her video booms in views

Since a few days ago TikTok “we don’t talk about anything else”. In quotes, lots of quotes. Yes, because the trends that follow one another on the Chinese platform are so numerous and rapid that it is difficult to single out just one. Certainly, however, there is a boy who is making headlines. What did he do? Basically nothing. Or rather, your work: the flight attendant for the Ryanair company. To what, then, does popularity owe? It all stems from a video released three days ago by Grelmos, singer and influencer with 31,815 monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 2 million followers between Instagram and TikTok. Right here, the girl posted a video while she was on the plane. Absolute protagonist? Just him,”TikTok’s sexiest steward”. “You fall in love with the flight attendant – she wrote -. Ryanair, choose well”, revealing then that he would also have written to her on Instagram. Numerous comments under the clip: “He was on my flight to London, I was looking for him too”, “Who wouldn’t fall in love?”, “It’s a lot of stuff, I found him on the flight too”. Needless to say, several users have asked for the name. Who is? His name is Roland Dotais 19 years old and in the biography on TikTok he has chosen to put two flags: one Italian and the other from Romania (in all probability, therefore, he has a double origin).

To those who asked him if he was really the flight attendant filmed by the singer, the boy answered yes, then revealed: “At the moment I am in Milan, but from March 1 I will be based in Bergamo”. Last January 27, again on TikTok, Roland had celebrated the great milestone achieved: “Hard work, effort, nights spent studying but in the end I did it. Ryanair cabin crew! ”, The caption accompanying a video in which he had shown the various stages he traveled to become a flight attendant. Who knows if he also expected all this popularity on social media? And he’s not the only one who’s gone viral on TikTok. In fact, there are several flight attendants (or women) who love to document their working days on TikTok: from preparation to arrival at the airport. In other videos, however, they explain “how to become a work assistant”, receiving excellent feedback from users. Or there’s Domenico, also a flight attendant for Ryanair, who entertained the passengers with a small show: “We’re going to Venice, the weather is good, no rain. One hour and sixteen minutes of flight. There are a couple of pilots, two, for those who are afraid of flying – he said in a video posted by a user last August 11 and which has 1.8 million views-. [..] I just need a couple and a half minutes of attention and then you can try to sleepbut I don’t know if you will succeed with all the announcements we will be making. [..] If you are traveling with children please do not leave them on board, we have enough problems already. Hold them by the hand until you reach the inside of the terminal. Thank you very much and good night”. And everyone commented: “I also want Domenico on my travels!”.

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