Full Video: BJP Kirit Somaiya Viral Video

Full Video: BJP Kirit Somaiya Viral Video

BJP Kirit Somaiya Viral Video – An alleged video of BJP leader Kirit Somaiya from Maharashtra has surfaced, prompting criticism from the opposition and accusations of “immoral behavior.” A probe into the allegations of “harassing and abusing” women has been requested by the BJP leader, who has denied them.

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, has received a letter from Kirit Somaiya requesting an investigation be conducted and the truth be revealed.

A shocking revelation has rocked the political landscape: a video purportedly showing senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician Kirit Somaiya in a lewd pose has appeared online. The release of this private movie, which features a well-known person like Kirit Somaiya, has aroused a lot of passionate conjecture and discussion.

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The video footage has been claimed by the Marathi news outlet “Lokshahi,” although they have taken care to protect the identify of the woman and obscure the graphic material. The editor of Lokshahi, Kamlesh Sutar, stated during a live broadcast that they did not intend to invade anyone’s privacy but rather to ask Somaiya for confirmation regarding the legitimacy of the film and any associated concerns.

BJP Kirit Somaiya Viral Video

BJP Kirit Somaiya Viral Video

Sutar went on to say that they had also become aware of other videos depicting different people that are identical to the one involving Somaiya. The broadcaster emphasized that although showing such material might be considered as an invasion of privacy, Somaiya’s position within a significant political party made it necessary to confront any potential spying or misconduct.

The channel expressed shock at the precarious situation involving a person like Somaiya, who routinely accuses opposition leaders of wrongdoing and corruption, suggesting a plot.

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