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Former Face Of Plateau Queen Milcah Merji Visits an Orphanage

Former face of plateau Queen Miss Milcah Merji visited One of the orphanage homes in Jos plateau State today to show her love to the orphan kids.

Milcah Merji

Miss Milcah Merji had a nice and playful time with the kids, she played her role as the queen she is putting a smile on the face of all this kids


making them feel relief as seen in the video she posted, miss Milcah Merji prayed for them and also wish them well as the grow

Milcah Merji

in her words she said;

I and mum visited the orphanage home and it was fun and emotional 😢
Children are gift from God they are all shades of happiness…. Some were abandoned, some crisis took their parent and some are disabled😭 children don’t deserve the wickedness of man. See ehhh Family is everything
Guys spare out time to visit them even if you don’t have money to buy stuff bless them with your presence and play with them “SMILE” is all the need

They deserve to be happy

When you think of what you are going through and feel like giving up, Take a look at these Beautiful creations😁Yes God gave them a home away from home

Imagine the twins there, They lost their Mum during the Miango attack .

You see all these Kids, They will surely grow to be great Men and Women

see more pictures and videos below;

Milcah Merji


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