Fans defend Sam Smith after he is trolled for crying in his luxury £12million home

Fans defend Sam Smith after he is trolled for crying in his luxury £12million home


Sam Smith’s fans rushed to his defence after the star was severely trolled for crying in their £12million home.

The Too Good At Goodbyes hitmaker broke down in tears in their £12million home as they struggled with adjusting to isolation amid the UK lockdown.

Ricky Gervais took aim at rich celebs moaning about residing in their lavish mansions with swimming pools during quarantine.

A flurry of trolls turned on Sam when the musician uploaded a crying video onto their social media profile.

But many of their fans were quick to defend the songwriter’s tears in an outpouring of messages plastered on social media.

Followers were understanding the lockdown has been “overwhelming”.

Others reiterated it was “unhelpful and unkind” to tear others down over their mental health struggles.

Among the crowds of fans, one wrote: “Sam Smith is getting a lot of criticism. I’ll say this. I suffered from mental health issues, through loneliness, and being shunned when ill and vulnerable.

“Many are struggling now,but to cope with his issues instead of crying on the day a single is released,do something for others.”

Others added: “That image of Sam Smith crying is going around again and gotta say I strongly disagree with the narrative around it.

“I think it’s perfectly valid to feel overwhelmed by this situation, regardless of wealth, and it is unhelpful and unkind to tear down people who are open about it.”

It comes after Gervais slammed stars whining while they were living in luxury.

“Then I see someone complaining about being in a mansion with a swimming pool.

“And, you know, honestly, I just don’t want to hear it.”

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