Everything We Know About The Next FIFA Game

Everything We Know About The Next FIFA Game



Everything we know about the next FIFA game

With soccer being the leading sport , FIFA remains the number one most popular game in the world competing with the PES head to head. As such, many FIFA players are already looking forward to the release of FIFA 21, set to be unveiled later this year in October. However, the release date has been pushed forward more than usual due to the current global health affecting thousands of people worldwide and the E-Sport leagues supported by top leading online sports betting companies like Betway.

Various editions will be released on the said date. The cost of the standard edition will be $60 in the US and £60 in the UK.  The championship edition will go for $80, and the ultimate edition will go for $100.

The consoles available to play FIFA 2021 are ps4, Xbox One, and pc. This game will also be released for the next console generation of ps5 and Xbox series x. The latest series of these consoles are set to be released in the US market in the next holiday period.

The producers of FIFA 2021, EA sports will be set to work hand in hand with Sony and Microsoft. That’s to make sure that the new release is available to play FIFA 21 right away in the new console. The FIFA 2021 games will also take an important part at E-sport leagues and it’s online betting side which you can wager on at  Betway

Each FIFA game will have its great features.  FIFA gamers are looking forward to the great feature of the new game. Here are some of the features to look out for.


The Video assistant referee(VAR) marked a huge change in football. The purpose of the introduction of VAR was to ease on the ruling of the contentious moment during live football games. However, many fans have criticized the technology, especially in cases where decisions have been overturned based on VAR reviews.

More street games

The introduction of Volta in FIFA Street made it fun for FIFA fans. On FIFA 2020, VOLTA football allowed you to play on small pitches around the globe. Although it was fun to play, it came with a lot of criticism. That’s because it came with a lot of hitches. EA is looking forward to improving the status of street football by updating Volta. Integration of FIFA Street and real football creates more value for the players in the yearly cycle.

Visual upgrades

It is still early to predict how FIFA 2021 is going to look like. Judging with FIFA 2020, we can expect improved graphics with FIFA 21. The visuals on FIFA 2020 were due to the powerful game engine in use, which is frostbite 3. The visual used in the game was created for the battlefield. If the plan is to use the same in FIFA 21, we should expect the game to look great.

Licensing agreements

EA sports the producers of FIFA lost all its rights to Juventus to their rivals Konami. That gave them the license for the Italian champions, though it would be great if FIFA regains its licensing agreement this year. That’s to make sure it doesn’t lose Juventus to Konami in the next iteration. However, Juventus did not feature in FIFA 20 due to their deal with EA

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