Casino Jizzle dead, Independent Memphis Artist death – whats happened

Casino Jizzle dead, Independent Memphis Artist death – whats happened

Casino Jizzle dead, Independent Memphis Artist death – whats happened

A Memphis rapper named Casino Jizzle was the victim of a shooting outside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Cordova, according to his manager. Police identified the victim as Robert Tunstall. The 23-year-old was taken to the Regional Medical Center in a critical condition.


According to authorities, Townstall and his girlfriend were exchanging tickets at the Chuck E. Cheese store on Park Avenue in North Germantown when Townstall told him he was going to his car. A few minutes later, he returned with a gunshot wound. Investigators said they found a handgun and a spent cartridge casing on the ground outside.

Tongstall’s manager, Angie Strange, said he was in intensive care with gunshot wounds to his back and chest, but was not expected to be serious.

Friends said Tunstall was at Chuck Cheese with his girlfriend and children.

This is not the first time Tunstall has been involved in violent crimes. He pleaded guilty in 2014 to theft and robbery, and Memphis police said they received a call earlier this year about a drive-by shooting in his Hickory Hill neighborhood.

Tongstall’s sister told police she believed her brother was the target of the shooting.

Strange said Tungstall, aka Casino Jizzle, has yet to sign, but major music labels are interested in him and are trying to change his life. He was handing out Thanksgiving dinner in Memphis just four days before the shooting.

“I knew he was a gangsta rapper, but he changed his life with his music,” she told WREG. “He’s been noticed by major labels and has had great local success. He’s worked hard to be a positive person and we’re very proud of his progress as an artist and a man.”

Police have obtained surveillance video that shows the victim walking outside. According to reports, lightning struck and the victim ran back to the building.

WREG was unable to contact Chuck E. Cheese’s corporate headquarters for a copy of the video.

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