Brenda Cruz Biography, Early life and Achievement

Brenda Cruz

Brenda Cruz Biography, Early life and Achievement

Brenda Cruz Biography


Early Life

Born Okpala Brenda Chinazo, professionally known as Brenda Cruz

Mention Okpala Brenda Chinazo and people will give you a blank stare, but Brenda Cruz? the atmosphere becomes absolutely lively. The dreaded girl has a personality you can’t forget in a hurry if come in contact with.

The controversial award winning Singer and a rapper who’s parents are both of Nigerian extraction has rubbed shoulder with the very best in the Nigeria entertainment industry.

Brenda Cruz is a beautiful and talented singer whose passion for music developed in her early childhood. She recorded her first single titled “You Need Me” and started performing at the age of 15. That’s awesome. She has quickly gathered an army of followers as a result of her electrifying performances at different shows and stages. She’s an internationally known singer and a rapper from Anambara state Nigeria

Brenda Cruz

According to Brenda Cruz who’s ready to conquer the world with her talent, her mission is to Inspire, entertain and bring back hope to many through her songs while she put out her music upfront on the world map

Born 5th June 1996, 24 years of age, Brenda Cruz is indeed an artiste to be on the lookout for. Her music style has been described as evolutionary, as she has sampled different sounds from the afrobeats genre, Dance hall, High life, rock, pop and R&B.


Brenda Cruz

Brenda Cruz is more than just music, stages and studios. She is a great dancer and also very good at sports e.g martial art (Kung fu), football etc. But for music, Brenda Cruz would have probably be championing the women category in UFC.

Brenda Cruz is a National Matron of “WELFARE PEACE AND UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS INlTIATIVE” (WEPAUHRI) In collaboration with National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
The artist has earned for herself the title of a COMRADE and can be referred to as COMR. Brenda Cruz etc. Her music has been of influence in Nigeria and beyond

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