#Bbnaija: Yousef Diary Session

Yousef Bbnaija


#Bbnaija Yousef

Biggie: You seem to be nervous




Yousef: I’m overwhelmed, i feel happy to be here. I hope i don’t make any housemates feel uncomfortable with my personality or with how i react.

Biggie: You have to know you are all guests and equal, you do not need to walk on egg shelves bcos of your fellow housemates, your beliefs should be respected, Yousef kindly feel at home

Biggie: Tell me about your experience in the bbnaija house?

Yousef Bbnaija

Yousef: i think connected with Saga bcos he’s cool.. i think some people are pretending, i’m an honest person and i hate lies so i always take my time to know people. I need a little time to get to know them and talk more with them

Biggie: Who do feel is pretending among you?

Yousef: Sammie, though i know we are here to play a game, I think Boma has changed towards me bcos he was energetic on the first day with me.

Yousef Bbnaija

Biggie: What did you learn during your isolation? Tell Biggie about the experience

Yousef: I was thinking about the outside world, how to make the housemate feel comfortable around me, a lot of things; whether what i will do in the bbnaija house is going to be positive or negative

Biggie: its seems you think a lot about what people will think about you, Yousef prioritize yourself, be comfortable

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