Angélique Cauchy’s Rape Testimony: The Current Whereabouts of Her Coach, Andrew Gueddes (Watch)

Angélique Cauchy’s Rape Testimony: The Current Whereabouts of Her Coach, Andrew Gueddes (Watch)

Angélique Cauchy’s Rape Testimony: The Current Whereabouts of Her Coach, Andrew Gueddes (Watch)

The story of Angélique Cauchy and her testimony regarding rape has gained significant attention online. The former athlete, Angélique Cauchy, made a disturbing revelation, alleging that her coach had subjected her to “nearly 400 instances of rape.”

Her case has become highly publicized and is still under legal proceedings, leading to increased awareness of her situation. Angélique Cauchy is known to be a private individual who prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

Considering the traumatic experiences she has endured throughout her career, it is likely that she is dealing with significant emotional distress. Despite the challenges she has faced, she remains a highly skilled tennis player, and one can only hope that she receives the recognition and support she deserves for the pain she has endured.

Angélique Cauchy is qualified to work with individuals seeking to enhance their physical fitness and tennis skills, as she is a physical education instructor, tennis coach, and physical trainer.

For more details on the rape case and Angélique Cauchy’s testimony, let’s delve further into the article.

Angélique Cauchy Rape and Testimony:

The Angélique Cauchy rape case has garnered widespread interest among internet users.

Angélique Cauchy, who was sexually assaulted by her coach at the Sarcelles club in Val-d’Oise when she was just 12 years old, recently testified before an inquiry commission on Tuesday, September 5. She had previously revealed that she had been “raped nearly 400 times by her tennis coach over two years” in May of the previous year, according to Franceinfo.

As a result of her courage, her coach Andrew Gueddes was convicted in 2021 and sentenced to 18 years in prison for raping and sexually assaulting four young girls aged 12 to 17.

Angélique Cauchy chose to speak before the inquiry commission investigating “dysfunctions within sports federations, the sports movement, and global sport governance bodies” established in July.

She also recalled that at the time, only one person had chosen to speak with the club president, highlighting unacceptable behavior towards young individuals, including physical and verbal abuse. However, this warning was immediately dismissed, emphasizing that the coach was “bringing titles” to the team.

The coach had already sexually assaulted her before she turned 13, and she often contemplated ending her own life. She expressed gratitude for choosing life every day when she wakes up, especially considering the 12-year-old girl she once was.

Where is her trainer, Andrew Gueddes, now?

On January 13, 2021, the Yvelines Assize Court sentenced Andrew Geddes, the former tennis instructor, to 18 years in prison following an appeal for the rape of several of his former students, all of whom were minors at the time.

After a second trial that included harrowing testimonies, Mr. Geddes, who had received the same sentence in the first trial, was found guilty of raping and sexually assaulting four teenage girls aged 12 to 17 in the early 2000s and between 2009 and 2014.

Mr. Geddes, now 53 years old, was the coach of the Sarcelles club and later the Levallois Sporting Club (LSC). Angélique Cauchy first met him in 1999 when she was 12 years old. She alleges that the former coach sexually assaulted and raped her until she was 14, victimizing her over 400 times in total.

When Mr. Geddes, who was considered charismatic but strict with his students, trained three other victims aged 15 to 17, a similar pattern of abuse repeated itself. Each victim spoke of a “process of control” in which he isolated them from their loved ones and coerced them into sexual acts in his car, in the club’s restroom, or during an internship in La Baule.

For more details on this case and Andrew Gueddes’s whereabouts, continue reading the article.

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