PEOM:  Elsmart – Captivating

PEOM:  Elsmart - Captivating

PEOM:  Elsmart – Captivating

PEOM:  Elsmart – Captivating


Elsmart has just released another captivating peom tag “captivating”.

The poet has been on a long run delivery soul touching peom with the aim of using his peom to make a difference.

Check Elsmart Captivating peom lyrics below:

“From the start of creation
To the point of revelation
God established a relation
And he made it an institution
Attending and partaking in it makes it look like a religion
He made something missen in us and that made us deep in starvation
What am I tryna say..
Love is my addiction
Until I attain perfection
Love is no longer like a fiction
Just like it is generally said
Everyone needs love
Everyone needs to be loved…
And everyone needs to be loved in return
Everyone needs to be heard and understood
But many have taken it upside down and love is been misunderstood

I’ve found someone so special you know
I saw her from afar and I folded na ce #madalla
I gazed into her eyes- I looked off but #kai #na Kara kalla
Beautiful is her fave I’ma feeling so amazed
Cos she set my feelings ablaze and Now my head dey craze
Your heart baby I crave
Your beauty is charming
Baby you’re so brave
Ya know
There’s something so special about this dear of mine
Some call her light, some call her glow, but I call her my illumination
There is something so special about this dear of mine, she always makes me believe that I’m better than who I think I am
She tells me, “ain’t no perfect” cos no one is!
She understands my flaws
And the wrongs I do
She’s just my encouragement
Putting deep in an internal smile that the physical self can’t explain but exclaim
She stands and makes me be in line
She makes me travel in city of limes
So precious she is before my very own eyes
Oh see how time flies
She cries with me
She understands my pains
And she prays for me.. And the more the day go by, I keep feeling her in my mind

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    It’s really nice keep it up,my dear the Lord is your strength

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