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Leonardo Is Renewing Neymar And Mbappé And… Signing Ronaldo?

Leonardo Is Renewing Neymar And Mbappé And… Signing Ronaldo?




The French team’s sports director confirmed that there is already a clear plan to renew Neymar and Kylian Mbappé at PSG. Moreover, he did not deny the Parisian club’s interest in Cristiano Ronaldo.

This Tuesday, Leonardo spoke about the current situation of PSG in a live broadcast on Facebook and surprised with some statements in which he was seen to be very confident about the future.

The Brazilian sports director said that PSG is working on renewing its main stars: “We are working on the renewals. We spoke directly to Kylian to see what he wants. This team will be among the best for the next five years, as we have young players and experienced ones. Neymar and Mbappe are in the top 3 in the world.

The Paris-based transfer manager took the opportunity to criticise Spanish clubs for the way they work: “Spanish clubs have a lot of politics. They say, they promise, but…”.

Surprisingly, Leonardo confirmed Tuchel whose position had been questioned due to poor results: “We have never thought about changing Tuchel. There are people who talk and Tuchel’s position is envied, but the club has never put another coach on the table. In fact, we think the opposite”.

Finally, Leonardo didn’t give up on signing Cristiano Ronaldo, although he sees it as difficult: “How many teams can a footballer like him play for, five clubs? PSG is on that list and everyone is talking about PSG, but these types of transfers are moments, opportunities… you never know”, concluded the sports director.

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