Music || Shakur – Excuse Me

Music || Shakur – Excuse Me

Shakur – Excuse Me

Abuja based rapper, “shakur” is a prolific rapper. with a terrific back catalogue of outstanding cover songs, trap tracks and challenges tracks and here is his new sound , EXCUSE ME.

You may have not heard of him, but only a handful rappers have managed to keep it street like him.



His recent track EXCUSE ME has so much clarity and purpose. A straight hardcore rap from the jump that draws you in to turn up the volume!

What’s even more jaw-dropping is despite painting the ghetto scenes of fake love and blood, he managed to pay respect to his granny.

EXCUSE ME is Shakur’s best work to date, a one size fit all sorta. You can rap along. Trap along. or just slouch on a couch with your crocs on reminiscing about life and how much work you need to put in to get recognized.

Check out his previous releases FREEDOM

Follow him on Instagram/Twitter. @the_shakur





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