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How To See Photos And Watch Videos With Facebook “Free Mode”

How To See Photos And Watch Videos With Facebook “Free Mode”

Free Facebook
Must Facebook users have full access to free Facebook but can’t see pictures or videos while enjoying Free mode,

As for me I tried free Facebook once but I was disappointed I couldn’t see pictures, it’s annoying.

Am going to teach you how to see pictures and watch videos on free mode

With these easy steps :

Step 1 :
download Facebook lite from Google play store to your smartphone

And your sim must be eligible for free mode

Sims like Airtel, 9mobile, MTN

Step 2:
Turn off your data

Step 3:
Go to your phone settings and search for

Facebook lite and clear data

Step 4:
Turn your data back on

Step 5:
Open a browser of your choice

And go to

And login to your Facebook account

Step 6:
Open your Facebook lite and login into your account

Step 7:
Go back to the browser and make sure you see that your on free mode

Tap the question mark then tap “turn off this feature”

Step 8:
Then you receive an error message

Saying “site cannot be reached”

Ignore it

Step 9:
Now go back to the Facebook Lite app

Login and you can now see pictures on free mode


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