Snoop Dogg Cusses Out Bill Gates & Microsoft After Xbox Server Goes Down


Snoop Dogg takes gaming seriously. So seriously, in fact, he was seemingly furious after his Xbox server went down and interrupted his leisure time.

On Tuesday (April 14), the Doggfather chewed out Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, Gates’ company itself and EA Sports while referencing the currentcoronavirus pandemic that’s keeping California residents in their homes.

“EA Sports, y’all muthafuckin’ server is down!” he says in the clip. “Get that shit back up, we trying to play. Bunch of muthafuckas at home that’s locked and loaded right now, FIX THIS SHIT! Bill Gates, Microsoft, whoever the fuck. All these muthafuckin’ bullshit ass vaccines y’all trying to give us… fix the muthafuckin’ video game. Now!”

He added in the caption, “@microsoft @thisisbillgates @eamaddennfl hurrrrr up n fix this shit.” Magically, the server was up and running less than 30 minutes later, prompting Snoop to issue a “thank u.”

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