SARZ Officers Allegedly Killed A Nigerian Football Player

Nigerian player killed by SARZ
SARZ Officers Allegedly Killed A Nigerian Football Player.

A Nigerian football player identified as Tiyamu Kazeem was allegedly killed by SARZ.
Tiyamu Kazeem was also identified as the assistant captain of the Remo football club of Nigerian.
The player who was with one of his teammates on their way to Sagamu After a team training in the capital city of Ogun state.
According to a press release by his team, the defender ran into SARZ operative with his teammates which the SARZ operative tag them as Yahoo boys despite him showing them his team identity card as a player of the Remo football club.
According to the club the SARZ  ordered the two players to follow them to the police station which they agreed to.
On there way the players ask the SARZ operative were they were taking them too asking them to stop the vehicle, The SARZ operative then push Tiyamiyu out were an unknown vehicle knocked him down.
Tiyamiyu Kazeem was then rush to a nearby hospital were he was confirmed death.
See post by Remo football club below.

Remo football club I

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